Dusty (dustyshakleford) wrote,

 TQC I feel embarrassed and dumb that this is happening but I'm having very high anxiety from a certain part in a video game.  It's LOZ: Majora's Mask, the part with the sea snakes.  It's basically you going into a deep hole in the bottom of the ocean and killing these 8 huge snakes (size comparison of them vs your character is they are car width around and very long)  I think seeing them in comparison to Link and imagining myself in that situation in a hole in water with giant snakes is causing me panic.  It's not the snakes so much as their size and the water.  I'm terrified of deep and/or open water so water parts on these games have always been hard for me but not like this.  

Have you and/or someone you know experienced this?  How did you complete that part of the game?  I feel dumb cause it's a video game but the imagery is going a long way.  

I'm kind of contemplating getting my brother to come play that part for me.

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